Puppies & Tricks

A few favourite things!

Puppies With Potential

Having a well socialized puppy is crucial to having a happy life. Whether you want a well socialized family pet or if you would eventually like to do therapy dog work, this is for new puppy owners. Puppies and their human partners will get an opportunity to meet, learn, train and socialize using positive reinforcement techniques. This class is held primarily OFF leash and strongly focuses on recall in various situations.

5 Weeks

This class is held in a group setting.

Trick Training

 If you want to take your dogs skills to a completely new level, trick training might be for you. The Do More With Your Dog! training program allows you and your dog to work through 4 levels of titles and do some really neat tricks!  

5 Weeks

This program is held in a group setting, one-on-one or online based on your location and needs.

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